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Cohort Entry Dates

From 2018 we started cohort entry which means there are 8 dates per year on which your child can start school for the first time as a new entrant.

We have a useful letter which outlines the dates and we have a starting school pack which you can pick up from the school office.

The following are our school entry dates for children starting school for the very first time.

Once your child turns 5 they can start but please consider whether they are ready and remember they can start school anytime up until they are 6 YEARS OLD.  Children are at school for 12 - 13 years so it is important they get off to a good start. 

There is some useful background information available from Dr. Nathan Mikaere Wallis who talks about cognitive development in young children. 


2024 Cohort and Ballot dates

It is important that your child is ready for school and we have prepared a quick checklist of things you might want to consider before starting them at full time school. To download the checklist and further information on enrolling your new entrant child go to our enrolments section:

Lynmore School App

We have a Lynmore School app. which is free to download from your app store for Android, iPhone and iPad.


Back to School Stationery Orders can be found at: Office Max

Community Notice Board  

The community notice board on the office side of the Junior Block is used to advertise school and community events.  

School Session Times  

All children need to be in the school grounds by 8.45am. All teachers will be in their classrooms by 8.30am. 

8.15am Class will be unlocked and open for children to complete/fix up work from previous day 

8.55am Classes start 

10.00am Milk and snack break 

11.10am Morning tea 

12.30pm Lunch break outside begins 

1.10pm Food is eaten 

1.30pm Classes resume 

3.00pm Classes finish 

Office Hours  

8.15am - 4.00pm 

Library Hours  

Children also visit the library during the week with their classes. 

Illness or accident at school  

In the event of a child becoming ill or injured at school the office will contact the parents/caregivers to collect the child.  It is most important that families advise us of any changes in home circumstances – telephone numbers, changes of address, mobile phone numbers and after school care arrangements, custody/court orders.  In times of emergency we need immediate access to accurate information. 


It is essential that we know where our pupils are on any one day.  In the event of an absence please ring the school’s answer phone with the information before 9.00am that day or notify us via the Lynmore School app.  Office staff will relay the information promptly to the teacher.   Office staff will ring parents at home or work if absence is noted and no message has been received.  

Leave for extended duration  

If you are intending taking your children out of school for an extended period during school time a written letter or e-mail explaining the details needs to be sent to the principal. This includes permission for taking your child away on holiday during school time.  

Consistent attendance at school is essential for maximising learning. Please consider carefully before removing children from class programmes.  Children who are away for 20 consecutive days or more may be required to re-enrol. If living "out of zone” a place may not be available. 

Arriving late for school  

School starts at 8.55am.  Children arriving late will be sent to the office and a late entry is made on our pupil records before returning to the classroom. Regular latecomers are monitored and liaison with families will be initiated.  Children must be in the school by 8.45am to prepare for the day’s work. 

Lost Property  

It is essential that children develop responsibility for their property. We ask that parents name all property and shoes.  Lost property is stored in the hall. A key is available from the school office to look through the lost property for missing items. Towards the end of each term property will be displayed for classes and parents to check. 

Voluntary Donation  

A donation per child is set at the start of the year by the BOT. This donation contributes towards providing the excellent  facilities  children enjoy  at  Lynmore School. We urge you to support our work and additional programmes with the payment of the donation. Many thanks we appreciate your support.